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Updated 2 February 2010 

  By Margaret Barker:
Go to bookstore The Older Testament: The Survival of Themes from the Ancient Royal Cult in Sectarian Judaism and Early Christianity
First published in 1987 by SPCK. Republished 2005 by Sheffield Phoenix Press.
Go to bookstore The Lost Prophet: The Book of Enoch and its Influence on Christianity
First published in 1988 by SPCK. Republished 2005 by Sheffield Phoenix Press.
Go to bookstore The Gate of Heaven: The History and Symbolism of the Temple in Jerusalem
First published in 1991 by SPCK. Republished 2008 by Sheffield Phoenix Press.
Go to bookstore The Great Angel: A Study of Israel’s Second God   [1992]
Read the Introduction.
Go to bookstore On Earth As It Is in Heaven: Temple Symbolism in the New Testament
First published in 1995 by T&T Clark. Republished 2009 by Sheffield Phoenix Press.
Read the Introduction.     You can read this book in a couple of hours.
OUT OF PRINT The Risen Lord: The Jesus of History As the Christ of Faith   [1996]
Read the Introduction.
Out of print. Try Abebooks, Alibris, BookFinder, or
Go to bookstore The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Which God Gave to Him to Show to His Servants What Must Soon Take Place (Revelation 1.1)   [2000]
Read the Preface.     Not an easy read, but essential to serious study of Revelation.
An imprint of T&T Clark, available from Continuum International.
Go to bookstore The Great High Priest: The Temple Roots of Christian Liturgy   [2003]
Read the Preface.     A collection of studies with a common theme, some of them available here and elsewhere on the web:
  Contents of The Great High Priest:
The Secret Tradition
The Time is Fulfilled: Jesus and the Jubilee
Atonement: the Rite of Healing
Parousia and Liturgy
The Temple Roots of the Christian Liturgy
   — a greatly expanded rework of The Temple Roots of the Liturgy
The Angel Priesthood
The Holy of Holies
Beyond the Veil of the Temple: the High Priestly Origin of the Apocalypses
The Veil as the Boundary
Wisdom, the Queen of Heaven
Temple and Timaeus
Text and Context
Go to bookstore Temple Theology: An Introduction   [2004]
Read the Introduction (excerpts).     A good introduction to Barker. A concise distillation of her work.
Go to bookstore An Extraordinary Gathering of Angels   [2004]
Read the Publisher’s Description.     Illustrated with a host of color plates, an attractive collection of essays on angel lore. Would have benefited from a larger format – some of the artwork is overly cropped to fit the 5 x 7 inch page – but a real bargain for an extraordinary book.
Go to bookstore The Hidden Tradition of the Kingdom of God   [2007]
Also available from SPCK.
Go to bookstore Temple Themes in Christian Worship   [2008]
FARMS Review: 
Frederick M. Huchel, Antecedents of the Restoration in the Ancient Temple
John W. Welch, A Latter-day Saint Reception of Temple Themes in Christian Worship (this paper is also posted on the T&T Clark Blog)
T&T Clark Blog:
A Roman Catholic response by Susan Frank Parsons
Go to bookstore Christmas: The Original Story   [2008]
Also available from SPCK.
FARMS Review:
John W. Welch, Christmas Stories
Go to bookstore Creation: The Biblical Vision for the Environment   [2010]
Read an excerpt posted on the T&T Clark Blog.
  By Robert Murray:
Go to bookstore The Cosmic Covenant: Biblical Themes of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation   [1992]
Read his online article.     Barker refers her readers to Murray for a thorough discussion of the Cosmic Covenant.
  A Latter-day Saint introduction to Barker’s scholarship:
  Paradigms Regained: A Survey of Margaret Barker’s Scholarship and Its Significance for Mormon Studies — Kevin Christensen
Out of print, but the complete text of this book is available free online.
Online articles by this author.

  By Jean Daniélou:
  The Development of Christian Doctrine Before the Council of Nicaea: Volume One, The Theology of Jewish Christianity. Translated and edited by John A. Baker (London and Chicago, 1964).

Jean Cardinal Daniélou, S.J. (1905-1974) was a brilliant French Roman Catholic scholar, elevated to Cardinal in 1969. Students of the works of Margaret Barker and Hugh Nibley will discern pearls of great price in his commentaries. Since Greek terms in this text are not transliterated into the familiar Latin alphabet, readers unfamiliar with Greek should download a Greek alphabet from the web for their reference until they acquire some fluency at recognition and pronunciation. I highly recommend this book.

Out of print. Try an inter-library loan or check these sources for used copies:

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