A Spanish & French text editor, web poetry editor.

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If you were directed to this page by a search engine, you might benefit from a visit to my Introduction to LinguisTag for a more readable introduction to the primary features of this text editor. This link will open in a new window.

Saving this program:

To ensure proper offline function, you should save the page source with a .htm file extension. Saving this program as a webpage through a File menu option from the top of your web-browser display is very likely to introduce changes to the source code that cause malfunction. However, this online webpage contains two items of source code that you really wouldnt want to save  these "Saving this program" instructions, and a webpage hit counter  which are not included in the offline version discussed below.

The best way to proceed is to rightclick this linguistag.txt text file link, select Save Target As... or Save Link As... from the right-click menu, then save it with a file name of your choosing with a .htm extension, for example: linguistag.htm (if you save it as a .txt text file, you can open it later offline and save it again with a .htm extension).

I note that if I leftclick on the above link, my Internet Explorer 6 will open it as a HTML webpage rather than a TEXT source listing, but my Foxfire, Netscape 7.2 and Netscape 4.7 browsers open it as a source listing.

LinguisTag, 2005 is a revision of poeTag,  1999 Howard Hopkins. This software is distributed free of charge for your personal, educational, institutional or workplace use. You may modify, copy, and distribute free copies of this product. If you copy and distribute this product, you agree: (A) To not remove authorship credit from the program code. (B) To not charge more than the cost of providing such copies. (C) To not market or package this product in combination with product(s) provided at a profit. This is freeware.