Introduction to LinguisTag

LinguisTag is a userfriendly approach to generating the special characters you need for producing Spanish or French text from your standard U.S. keyboard. Each special character is accessed by a short, easy-to-remember combination of keyboard characters, the first being a backslash. You can even create your own custom codes!

LinguisTag produces simple HTML code and plain-text webpage renditions of your text, any of which you can save or Copy and Paste to another application. The source code retains all spaces  you can easily indent lines and insert multiple spaces into your webpage text.

LinguisTags Preset Codes:

There are 4 preset vowel accents       acute, grave, umlaut, circumflex. The 4 examples show how the rules apply to all vowels, upper or lower case:
LinguisTag Preset Codes
Practical Examples

LinguisTags Special Characters:

These have preset codes:


These do not have preset codes, but you can create custom codes for them:

Custom Codes:

You can create custom codes for any of the above special characters, including those with preset codes. Custom codes are 3 characters long. The first two characters are \=  and you select the third by simply inserting it into the list of special characters displayed in LinguisTags Features and instructions, to the immediate left of the desired special character. For example  if you place your cursor to the left of the and type the letter p
then click outside the text box, \=p will be the custom code that generates in your finished text.

Custom codes are retained for the duration of the session, and are displayed at the top two lines of the text entry area.

Selecting Preferences:

LinguisTag opens with two prompt boxes that ask for your preferences for textarea dimensions. If you dont like what you end up with, youll have to reload the page for another crack at it. However, you can see a preview of what to expect by entering parameters in the form below. You should be able to determine your optimal settings with less frustration than you would if you went into LinguisTag cold.

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LinguisTag uses a single form textarea for text entry and display of Features and instructions and the source HTML for Copy and Paste. The program opens a webpage view of the product, from which you can Copy the plaintext to Paste into another application  perhaps an email or word processor.

One of the primary problems with HTML, particularly for the web poet, is that the HTML interpreter eliminates leading spaces (indentation), and reduces multiple spaces to a single space. Web authors usually solve this problem with the Non-Breaking Space escape sequence   which uses 6 characters to encode a single space. LinguisTag generates alternating non-breaking and regular spaces for repeated space-bar presses, simplifying the process of indenting and minimizing the code to 7 characters per 2 consecutive spaces.

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